Press Releases

15 October 2018

Further update on FDA regulatory review of BARHEMSYS™ 

08 October 2018

Update on FDA regulatory review of BARHEMSYS™

14 September 2018

Positive BARHEMSYS™ Phase 3 Treatment Data Published in Anesthesia & Analgesia

07 September 2018

Interim Results for the First Half Year 2018

09 July 2018

Operating Update for the First Half 2018

02 July 2018

$30 Million Credit Facility with Hercules Technology Growth Capital Secured to Support Intended Commercialisation of BARHEMSYS™ in the US

11 April 2018

US Commercial Operations for BARHEMSYS™ (formerly BAREMSIS®) Expanded Four Key Appointments

15 March 2018

BARHEMSYS™ (formerly BAREMSIS®) Prevents Post-Operative Nausea & Vomiting In High-Risk Patients (published in Anesthesiology)

04 January 2018

FDA Acceptance Of NDA Filing For BAREMSIS® For The Management Of PONV

13 February 2017

Positive Results From 4th And Final Pivotal Phase 3 Trial Of BAREMSIS® For Rescue Treatment Of PONV

12 August 2016

Positive Results From Pivotal Phase 3 Trial Of BAREMSIS® For The Treatment Of PONV

21 March 2016

Initiation Of Second Pivotal Phase 3 Treatment Trial With BAREMSIS® In PONV

05 January 2016

Positive Results From Second Pivotal Phase 3 Prophylaxis Study Of BAREMSIS® In PONV

03 December 2015

Dr Patrick Vink To Succeed Ian Kent As Non-Executive Chairman

06 May 2015

Positive Results From Phase 2 Study With APD403 In CINV

21 April 2015

Phase 3 Combination Prophylaxis Study Initiated With APD421 In PONV

03 March 2015

Scott Byrd and Christine Soden Appointed to Board of Directors

07 October 2014

Acacia Pharma Announces Positive Phase 3 Results for APD421 in PONV

30 October 2013

Phase 2 Study Initiated With APD403 In CINV

15 October 2013

Acacia Pharma Announces Positive Phase 2 Results With APD515 For Xerostomia In Advanced Cancer

17 September 2013

Pivotal Phase 3 Studies Initiated With APD421 in PONV

03 September 2013

Acacia Pharma Raises £15m ($23.5m) To Advance Clinical Development Of Lead Products

01 October 2012

Acacia Pharma Announces Positive Results From Phase 2a Nausea & Vomiting Study In Cancer Patients

12 May 2012

Acacia Pharma Announces Excellent Phase 2 Results For APD421 In PONV

04 January 2012

Phase 2 Study Initiated With APD421 In Post-Operative Nausea & Vomiting (PONV)