Acacia Pharma is developing supportive care product opportunities for post-surgical and cancer patients.

Patients and healthcare professionals urgently need new and improved interventions in these rapidly expanding, yet poorly served areas of supportive care to improve treatment outcomes patients’ quality of life. The company addresses these opportunities through repurposing and has retained commercial rights to its pipeline. The company’s lead project, APD421 for PONV, has completed two Phase 3 studies, with combination prophylaxis and rescue treatment Phase 3 studies about to be initiated. A Phase 2 dose ranging study of APD403 for CINV is about to conclude and the company has successfully completed a Phase 2 study of APD515 for xerostomia (dry mouth) in advanced cancer patients and a Phase 2a study with APD209 in cancer cachexia.

Nausea & Vomiting

Nausea & vomiting is a common complication of both surgery and chemotherapy.

Post-operative nausea & vomiting (PONV) can delay patient discharge and lead to readmission thereby significantly increasing healthcare costs. It is also rated second only to pain as the surgical complication most feared by patients.

Chemotherapy induced nausea & vomiting (CINV) is one of the major side effects of cancer chemotherapy. The effects of CINV can be more distressing to a patient than future concerns of life expectancy, sometimes resulting in the patient choosing to discontinue potentially curative chemotherapy.

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About Us

Acacia Pharma has generated a pipeline of product opportunities addressing a range of supportive care indications, such as nausea & vomiting (PONV & CINV), xerostomia in advanced cancer and cancer cachexia, using a commercially driven approach to product development by identifying completely new, patent protected, uses for already marketed drugs.

This strategy leads to product opportunities with a higher probability of success and allows the company to obtain clinical proof-of concept rapidly and move quickly to the market, because the products are based on already well-characterised medicines.

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