American Association of Nurse Anesthestists (AANA)

Chicago, IL
9-13 August 2019

18 July 2019

Founder Dr. Julian Gilbert steps down - Michael Bolinder, Chief Commercial Officer, becomes CEO in Planned Succession

12 July 2019

Editorial on Positive Data for BARHEMSYS® Treatment of PONV Published in Anesthesia & Analgesia

08 July 2019

Acacia Pharma Plans to Resubmit the BARHEMSYS® NDA in Q3 2019

American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP)

Boston, MA
2-6 June 2019

03 June 2019

Annual General Meeting Results and Statement

Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia (SAMBA)

Austin, TX
9-11 May 2019

10 May 2019

Acacia Pharma’s BARHEMSYS® Significantly Improves Post-operative Nausea & Vomiting (PONV) in Rescue Treatment of Ambulatory Patients

American Society of Peri-Anesthesia Nurses (ASPAN)

Nashville, TN
5-9 May 2019

07 May 2019

Notice of Annual General Meeting

03 May 2019

Acacia Pharma Receives Complete Response Letter from FDA for BARHEMSYS®

American Society of Enhanced Recovery (ASER)

Washington, DC
25-27 April 2019

25 April 2019

Positive Phase 3 BARHEMSYS® Rescue Treatment Data to be Presented at the Annual Congress of Enhanced Recovery and Perioperative Medicine

Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA)

Las Vegas, NV
11-13 April 2019

27 February 2019

Results for the year ended 31 December 2018

DeGroof Petercam's Healthcare Seminar, Brussels

30-31 January 2019

28 January 2019

Editorial in Anesthesiology on Positive Data for BARHEMSYS™ PONV Rescue Treatment

22 January 2019

Supportive Cardiac Safety Data for BARHEMSYS™

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, San Francisco

January 7-10

12 December 2018

Positive Clinical Results for APD403 in CINV Published in Supportive Care in Cancer

PostGraduate Assembly in Anesthesiology (PGA), New York City

December 7-11

07 December 2018

New BARHEMSYS™ PDUFA date confirmed for 5 May 2019

21 November 2018

Positive BARHEMSYS™ Rescue Treatment Data Published in Anesthesiology

Jefferies London Healthcare Conference, London

November 14-15

06 November 2018

Acacia Pharma Resubmits BARHEMSYS™ New Drug Application